BREAKING NEWS. Stem Cells to treat peripheral neuropathy, arthritis, diabetic wounds, heel and foot pain.

                 DR MICHAEL METYK DPM


PRP STEM CELL THERAPY is used to treat diabetic foot wounds, plantar fasciitis, heel spurs, achilles tendon injuries and arthritis. Peripheral neuropathy (burning feet) is also treated with PRP therapy.  

First your blood is drawn then the components of your blood which recruit stem cells are harvested in my state of the art laboratory. Next the wound, injured tendon, nerve or joint is injected utilizing a very small needle with your PRP.  The PRP contains many growth factors and cytokines (chemical messengers) which tells your body to send stem cells to the injured region. 

PRP and stem cells are commonly used among elite athletes to heal injuries.  It is also used to treat diabetic and non diabetic foot and leg wounds.  

If you have a foot or leg wound, arthritis of the feet or legs, plantar fasciitis (heel spurs), peripheral neuropathy or a tendon injury such as a achilles tendon tear. PRP may be right for you.  If your interested contact Dr. Michael Metyk at Medic Infusion PA at 941-613-1919 for an evaluation to determine if your a candidate for PRP treatment.

Dr Michael R Metyk.   

Staff Surgeon Fawcett Hospital, Bayfront Hospital and Gulf Pointe Surgery Center.